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Town That Uses Geothermal Energy Unhappy With Trade-off's

Posted on | March 22, 2010 | No Comments |

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Town That Uses Geothermal Energy Unhappy With Trade-off's

A recent AP report about Klamath Falls, Oregon using geothermal energy to produce enough electricity to power 750,000 homes marks the extreme benefits of green energy for those lucky enough to be near the source of the energy. But residents of one town that is near geothermal vents has not seen the payoff.

Steamy Hole, Washington council members have passed an ordinance requiring geothermal energy to be 85% of the source of electricity for all homes within city limits, a law that Mayor Dwight Panover says will make Steamy Hole "join the 21st Century". The ruling has left more than 85% of residents steaming about the lack of technology to harness the energy and the potential trade-off's involved.

"They told me if I wanted hot water to just grab a bucket and walk down to the well," explained Burt Simmons, a local dishwasher. "That ain't right. The restaurant is over a mile away and we don't have enough employees to form a line that long."

Sara Kramer is up in arms because her neighborhood has seen no electricity since the law was signed. "We have no cooked meals and no fresh vegetables because the grocery closed when the food spoiled. Every night we walk down to the hole where the geyser comes up and try to find a good spot where we can take in some heat. Usually somebody tosses in an SUV so it will flare up and make us warmer. We ain't got no use for them anyway since they closed the last gas station."

Randy Besser thinks the ordinance is not so bad of an idea. "Change is good. We gotta do this so we can live in the 21st century. Once that $300 million government stimulus check arrives from those who are more fortunate than us, we'll be sittin' pretty." When asked what he thought about city council members, their friends, and families all having access to SUV's, gasoline, food, and electricity, Besser replied, "We elected those guys. They need all that to come up with stuff to tell us to do. They know what's best for us. It's what they do in many countries that are better off than us. Look at Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela."

There had been rumors about a march on City Hall, but once citizens were told that idea was "so 20th Century", the residents just gathered at the hole and waited for another Durango or Blazer to be thrown in. They wait.


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