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Obama Joke of the Day - November 22

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Obama comments as the TSA pats down members of his entourage:

Re: TOTUS - "Don't touch my spunk!"
Re: Biden - "Don't touch my clunk!"
Re: Michelle - "Don't touch my chunk!"
Re: Speechwriter - "Don't touch my bunk!"
Re: James Carville - "Keep your hands off the podunk!"
Re: Himself - "Don't touch my mom pants! They're preshrunk!"
Re: Valerie Jarrett - "Don't touch my hunk!"
Re: Rahm Emanuel - "Don't touch my slunk!"
Re: Himself again - "Don't touch my chipmunk!"
Re: Van Jones - "Don't touch my punk!"
Re: His Kool-Aid Drinkers - "Don't touch my drunk!"
Re: Reverend Wright - "Don't touch my monk!"
Re: Tim Geithner and Larry Summers - "Don't touch my flunk!"
Re: His Congressional Majority - "Don't touch their trunks!"
Re: His Birth Certificate - "Don't touch my debunk!"
Re: Nancy Pelosi - "Don't touch my skunk!"
Re: Barney Frank - "Don't touch my gunk!"
Re: His First Pitches - "Don't touch my stunk!"
Re: Jay Z & Beyonce - "Don't touch my funk!"
Re: His Re-election Bid - "Don't touch my sunk!"

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