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Obama Joke of the Day - November 18

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Obama Visits School for the Gifted

Obama recently took a tour of the Obama School for the Gifted where the Dean, Mrs. Chandler, met him at the entrance.

Mrs. Chandler began by showing Obama a row of rooms on the left side of the complex. She explained, "These are all private. In each room a student takes tests of different subjects and the results of the tests they fail are kept sealed."

Obama replied, "That's like what happened during my university days." He joked, "That's also why no one will ever have any copies of my records."

Mrs. Chandler looked at him oddly as she continued. She showed him another row of rooms on the right side of the campus. "In each private room on this side, a student attempts a wide variety of exercises in every subject known to man. The students pay top dollar to come here just for the promise that we only make public the subjects they master."

Obama said, "You mean things like mastering musical instruments, science, or engineering?"

Mrs. Chandler replied, "That's exactly right, Mr. President."

Obama added, "So the genius of this school is not allowing the gifted students' lack of genius with some things become known. That's brilliant."

Mrs. Chandler replied, "Right again, Mr. President."

Obama said, "I can understand after all that I have accomplished and with who I am why you named the school after me, but where did you get the idea for your methods?"

Mrs. Chandler replied, "It was actually our most gifted student's idea. He's been watching you be president for nearly two years."

Obama scratched his head with a puzzled look for a second. He then smiled. "Okay."

They continued to walk toward the back of the complex where Mrs. Chandler showed Obama one room that was bigger than all the rooms combined.

She explained, "This room is for little Charlie. All he does is rave about you and how he wants to follow in your footsteps. So far he's on track to secure all of his aspirations."

Obama said, "So you gave him the largest room in which to bring his genius to fruition. That's real nice of you, Mrs. Chandler."

Mrs. Chandler, "No. This is where we keep his sealed records."

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