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Media Matters: Just 6 Beck Articles Today

Posted on | August 12, 2010 | 1 Comment |

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Media Matters has only six Beck stories today. The record is eleven. Why do they not just change the name to Beck Matters?

Follow the links to find out just how whacked out these Media Matters types really are.

Here is today's edition:

Christine Schwen: Glenn's Beck outrage will not be dissuaded by facts

I'm sure you have the "facts", Ms. Schwen.

Matt Gertz: Beck's lobbying mix-up

Where's the story about Obama's lobbying mix-up? He promised lobbyists would be gone in Washington if he became president.

Media Matters staff: So who's still advertising on Beck? August 11 edition

Well, Media Matters for one.

Beck smears Rauf with falsehoods, innuendo and hypocrisy

Media Matter wouldn't know a smear if all of their writers took turns smearing a talk show host every single day. Oops, they already do.

Beck spins flatly denied rumor into fact to accuse Fannie/Freddie of "intentional destruction of our country"

Who flatly denied it? Media Matters? That and a bag of popcorn will get you...well, a bag of popcorn.

Beck, Geller push falsehood that Ground Zero "mosque" will open on September 11

Why the quotes around "mosque"? Is Media Matters saying it's not going to be a "mosque"? I think the September 11 thing was a hypothetical that Media Matters likes to spin as a factual statement.

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One Response to “Media Matters: Just 6 Beck Articles Today”

  1. Lonnie
    August 12th, 2010 @ 10:03 am

    From what I see Glenn Beck is the only one who actually makes an effort to show you slow witted jerks the facts. Get you head out of Obama's... and look at and read the facts.