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Mad Lib of the Day: Salon's Joan Walsh - Charles Sherrod Oops

Posted on | July 27, 2010 | No Comments |

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Joan Walsh of Salon seems to really want to nail Andrew Breitbart as a racist for picking "the wrong people to symbolize black racism". These two people, of course, are Shirley Sherrod and her husband, Charles, who said this after Obama was elected:

"We must stop the white man and his Uncle Toms from stealing our elections."

Then Ms. Walsh goes on a tear about Charles Sherrod as some sort of prophet and she uses Taylor Branch, writer of "America in the King Years", a trilogy.

But first, I asked Branch to tell me why Sherrod was such an important figure in the early days of the modern civil rights movement.

"Well, you know, he's still alive," Branch noted, since I seemed to be speaking in the past tense. (I knew he was still living, because Jonathan Capehart wrote about meeting him Thursday morning, accompanying his wife to MSNBC, and then driving to an interview at CNN. But neither show interviewed Charles Sherrod; no one seems to have realized his history.) Branch and Sherrod saw each other back in April, at SNCC's 50th anniversary celebration.

He sounds like a major player in the Civil Rights era.

"He's an amazingly humble, persistent, thoughtful, stubborn and brave individual," Branch said. "You know, I mention [Mississippi SNCC leader] Bob Moses about 100 times in the book, and I consider him a truly historical figure. But Sherrod is up there, he's mentioned about 20 times."

Wow, 20 times. Will this Video be mentioned in the fourth book?

Carson likewise compared Sherrod to Moses.

Liberals are good at creating golden calves of people on their side. Funny thing is, not many liberals are religious.

Branch laughed: "He does have a fiery side, but he was also, deeply, genuinely religious."

Religious like Jeremiah Wright, eh? Again, the Video shows how deeply religious Sherrod is. But he didn't mind helping white people, did he?

"Sherrod would work with anybody," Branch said. "It's not right to say he went out of his way to work with white volunteers — but when they showed up in Atlanta, and people phoned around to find some place they could work, he'd take them." Reservations about working with whites weren't only about "black power," Branch noted. "They were a lot harder to supervise, and they stood out and could draw danger to themselves and other people." By the time of the big SNCC explosion that led to Carmichael's leadership and the expulsion of whites, "Sherrod was pretty far away from the ideological side. He's five years in Albany and caught up there," Branch says.

No ideology in the above video, right?

The Sherrods are two for two: Given the chance to choose retaliation against whites and a kind of black separatism (which might even be understandable given the white racism they both endured growing up in the Jim Crow South), both chose to side with decency to white people.

I'd say Breitbart is two for two.

For Joan Walsh's attempt at declaring Charles Sherrod a saint by using another liberal to back her up without doing any legwork to find out who the man really is, she is our Mad Lib of the Day. Shouldn't Walsh have noticed the silence from the White House before she wrote this?

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