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Liberal Blog Logic on Robert 'KKK' Byrd

Posted on | June 28, 2010 | No Comments |

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Here are the liberal obituaries for Robert KKK Byrd:

The Atlantic

An Amazing Fact About Robert Byrd

Robert Byrd, Evolving the Senate and With the Senate

No mention of his membership in the KKK, but comments blast conservatives for mentioning it because it was a lifetime ago.

Daily Beast

Robert Byrd, 1917 - 2010

No mention of his membership in the KKK.

Daily Kos

Succeeding Byrd

No mention of KKK. This from Kos, who can't get through a Cheney piece without mentioning Halliburton and Big Oil.


Byrd's Passage Probably Won't Trigger Special Election in 2010

No mention of KKK.


Bob Franken: Robert Byrds' Supreme Irony

Bob Franken not mentioning Byrd's membership in the KKK. Shocking.


Steve Kettmann: Byrd, Despite Dark Past, May Have Been the Last Great U.S. Senator

Ah, finally a mention of his dark past. But it's a sympathetic piece. I wonder if the blacks Byrd may have been involved in lynching or beating felt good that he was the "last great U.S. Senator"?


Flashback: Sen. Byrd's Speech on Eve of Iraq War (VIDEO)

Awwww, how special. Now do we have any video of him giving a speech in front of the Grand Wizard?


Robert Byrd Flies Away To Heaven Along With Financial Reform

This coming from people who don't believe in God. So what exactly is Wonkette's idea of heaven?

A Children's Treasury of Robert Byrd Video

You know you're whacked out if you mention Byrd and children in the same sentence.


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