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Busted: Cops Find Pot in Man's New Jeep; He Gets Off Because it's a Chrysler

Posted on | September 27, 2010 | 1 Comment |

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Maybe things are looking up for Chrysler as it seeks buyers of its brand. Pot smokers and people who drink and drive from all over are flocking to dealerships to trade in their Fords for what many are calling their "get out of jail free card."

But it wasn't just the My Fox Detroit story about Chrysler workers smoking weed and drinking alcohol during their lunch breaks that has them in the buying mood. No, it's Darryl Dawson's story.

On Friday, Darryl Dawson was on his way home after buying a new Jeep Grand Cherokee when he decided to celebrate by taking a few hits from his favorite brand of "cigarette". After several fresh tokes, Dawson decided to stop at the local 7-Eleven for a bag of Funyuns, Ho-Ho's, a 99 cent hot dog, and a Red Bull.

Dawson didn't notice the two police officers, who had just gotten free coffee, walking past his Jeep door as he opened it releasing the aroma. After a lengthy search that uncovered three ounces of marijuana in his back pocket, sixteen Corona bottle caps in the driver side door panel, fifteen rotten limes inside the dashboard, and leather seats actually lined with empty folded Budweiser 12-pack boxes, Dawson was looking at serious jail time.

When the officers asked him for the vehicle's registration, Dawson handed them his bill of sale from the local Detroit Chrysler dealer. The two officers, both relatives of Chrysler workers, confiscated the contraband and released Dawson immediately. As the officers walked away, Dawson claims he heard one of them mutter, "Uncle Joe drinks about that much Corona during the morning shift."

So, for now, Dawson gives credit to his new Jeep. "As long as those government workers at Chrysler are allowed to drink and smoke pot while they're at work, they'll always have my business."

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One Response to “Busted: Cops Find Pot in Man's New Jeep; He Gets Off Because it's a Chrysler”

  1. Lindsay Dianne
    September 27th, 2010 @ 3:26 pm

    This sounds like bullshit, but then... A Lot of news from the States is stuff I couldn't make up. What do they call that? Stranger than fiction?!